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Organization Spotlight
Our Mission:
The Northeast Indiana LGBTQ Coalition seeks to enhance and support LGBTQ services in Allen County and the surrounding areas by raising awareness of LGBTQ issues and engaging in education and advocacy for LGBTQ-affirming nonprofit organizations.

Our Goals:
- Educate community leaders on LGBTQ issues and initiatives
- Ensure LGBTQ individuals and family members have access
  to resources for assistance/ help.
- Assist organizations and businesses in developing a
  welcoming and inclusive environment
- Assist LGBTQ individuals in receiving emotional and/or
  medical wellness for the promotion of their health
- Link LGBTQ-affirming organizations in the area to create
  resources for the community
- Provide opportunities for the LGBTQ community to network

Q Consulting and Education (QCE) is a non-profit, charitable organization working towards eliminating prejudice and discrimination primarily for those individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, et al (LGBTQ) by providing training and consultation services to non-profit and for-profit organizations in an effort to create affirming and inclusive organizational climates for all.

QCE offers a number of customized consulting options including workshops, presentations, and curriculum development to assist organizations in building and assessing Safe Space programming.  These services are important in a time of rapidly-changing legal rights and responsibilities that impact the LGBTQ community broadly, as well as within organizations. Additionally, they offer communication consulting services to assess and improve internal and external communication. 

From a four hour Safe Space training to a two hour LGBTQ basics training, there is something to suit each business/ organization's need. QCE can also customize session(s) for your group to accommodate different needs.

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Q Consulting and Education
While same sex marriage is legal throughout the country, LGBTQ people can still be legally discriminated against in employment in many states, including Indiana.

80% of gay and lesbian youth report severe social isolation. 6 in 10 youths report feeling unsafe at school because of who they are.
92% of LGBTQ Americans believe things are better than they were a decade ago, and that same statistic believes it will only continue to get better.
NEI LGBTQ Coalition and its member organizations are working to improve conditions and services for LGBTQ people in Northeast Indiana.

Our goal is to connect LGBTQ people with the resources and information they need to be happy and healthy.

We strive to educate organizations, businesses, and individuals in our community on issues that affect LGBTQ people.